PremiLine is an aluminum-reinforced middle part of the wing with a handle located along its entire length. It greatly enhances stability, security and density. Thus, larger surface sliding elements can now be realized. The installation of such large elements has also been considered. Thus, the frame can be glued, but the alternative for mechanical assembly on the construction site itself is also given. Thus, the problems with narrow stairs remain a thing of the past.

Despite the many innovative solutions, the KOMMERLING PremiLine sliding system is compatible with all 70 mm window systems and boxes for integrated installation of RolaPlus roller blinds. All in all, these are just some of the full list of benefits. That is why we at KOMMERLING are convinced that such an updated system is needed on the market and will accompany our customers and partners to a more comfortable future.

• It is possible to realize large glazed
areas in the form of sliding doors and windows
• Glazing elements with a thickness of 4 mm to 28 mm
• Factory integrated brushes
as well as RSE glazing seals
• Compatible with all standard 70 mm
RollaPlus integrated mounting systems and boxes
• The 6052 frame can be glued or folded
connect mechanically. This makes the simple possible
single installation of doors and windows on site
(on the construction site).
• Wide color range
• Suitability for different regional requirements
• Light and smooth running
• Noticeable design with double beveled wing profiles