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  • The innovative seal in the rebate has the effect of additional thermal protection. The thickness of the glazing varies from 24 to 52 mm.

  • Even in the standard version, the new system fully meets the requirements for a low-energy house. It is also available in versions with aluminum cap, AluFusion and "passive house". The Uf values ​​range according to the solution in the range 1.0 to ≤0.8 W / (m²K).

  • This allows at the same time great freedom of shapes and colors when finding an architectural solution based on the possibilities for foiling in standard and wood decors or with an aluminum surface.

  • The intelligent overall construction of the new system unusually increases the reported values ​​in terms of heat and noise insulation, security and economic feasibility.

  • The system is also exemplary in environmental terms: the KÖMMERLING brand is the first major manufacturer of window profiles worldwide, which, along with recycled materials, uses exclusively and lead-free PVC with “green” calcium stabilizers in its production. zinc base.