• Outward and inward opening
door, with construction
frame depth 90 mm
and construction depth of
wing 100 mm;
• Excellent thermal insulation (Ud <1.0
W / m2K at Uf = 1.4 W / m2K)
• Door height up to
3000 mm and door width
up to 1400 mm
• Maximum door weight
200 kg
• Protection against entry burglary to
• Roller or hidden hinges

Thermally insulated door system with a construction depth of 65 mm. Suitable economical solution for entrances due to the very good thermal insulation. It can be used as a multifunctional door and can be connected to the protection and automation of the building. The system allows the implementation of doors designed for increased operation.
- Heavy Duty (HD), successfully tested up to 1,000,000 opening and closing cycles • Uf slenderness 2.31 W / m2K

• 147 mm visible width

• roller lock, stepless spatial adjustment • rosettes aligned with the profile

• burglary protection to WK2 (ADS 70 HD to WK3)

• With the possibility of use at
construction depth of 65, 70
and 75 mm
• Protection against entry burglary to
• Opening width up to 2,500
mm (for double doors)
• Comfortable height of passage -
not up to 3,000 mm
• Maximum wing weight
200 kg
• version with flattening wing
• roller lock, stepless
spatial regulation
• possibility to choose a profile
for wing or plinth at the bottom
on the door
• tested up to 1,000,000 cycles of
boiling and closing

With a primary focus on energy savings, the E45 aims to meet many of the functional and aesthetic requirements. Thanks to the wide range of profiles, the system offers a variety of design options, from classic, narrow and straight lines to rounded contours and the ability to build various complex typologies, such as parallel sliding, harmonics and solutions type "hidden" wing, giving the same look in combination of opening and fixed frames.

The Ε45 system offers:
• high thermal insulation due to low Uf values
• exceptional for its category (60 mm wide) water resistance and sound insulation characteristics
• straight and rounded profiles
• perfect value for money
• maximum security: possibility to use multiple perimeter locks

Specially designed internal additional insulators, multi-chamber EPDM center seals, as well as 39 mm polyamides, provide excellent thermal insulation with a value of Uf = 1.4 W / m2 and bring the E75 system in line with the highest standards.
The system offers a wide variety of functional and aesthetic options, a wide range of profiles and classic designer straight lines. The main features of the E75 are 75 mm wide frame.
E75 is a proper system designed to meet the requirements of every window and door in the building. With an aluminum profile thickness ranging from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, it is specially designed for heavy doors that can withstand extreme use.


The Ε75 system offers:

• reinforced profiles at the load points
• elegant straight line
• reliable opening mechanism
• Multiple turning points, hinge adjustment and quick installation
• wide variety of color solutions
• possibility to install hardware for protection against burglary

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