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Koemerling system 88 plus AluClip

KÖMMERLING 88plus is the new profile generation with the optimal construction depth of 88 mm, modern design, and perfect profile proportions. A highly insulating thermo centre seal system with six profile chambers. Three sealing layers in all sections (sash and outer frame rebate) serve to enhance protection against driving rain and imperviousness to wind. The innovative sash rebate seal provides extra thermal insulation. The glazing range extends from 24 to 52 mm.

And the enhanced static properties also mean larger window sashes than before.
This new system already fulfils as standard the requirements for low-energy houses. This system is also available with aluminium covers, as an AluFusion system, and for passive houses. Uf values from 1.0 to less than 0.8 W/(m²K), depending on the design.
At the same time this opens up great design potential for forms and colours on the various surface variants presenting plain colour or woodgrain laminates or blank aluminium.
This new system's intelligent underlying design provides an unusual boost to value in the form of thermal and sound insulation, security, and economic efficiency.

This system also sets an example from the ecological viewpoint – The KÖMMERLING brand is the first key producer in the world to manufacture profiles not only with regrinds in virgin window PVC-U, but also exclusively with lead-free PVC with "green" stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.

Koemerling system88 plusAluClip


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